The series on this website are active and still evolving. Each collection has unique properties, but themes and motifs overlap and appear across all four. Intial visual conception begins with digital ink drawings, then is further explored in acrylic paintings.


Radiant hope…haunted horizons

A towering shadow both menacing and terrible, mesmerizingly, seductive and dream-like hangs like a shroud over the fragrance of freshly cut lawns with neat, necktied men and smart pressed-cotton dressed women. Here we see figures and signs, punched into high intensity by passages of vibrant hues and sharply defined lines. A candy-colored utopia of fear and faith in a world of limitless possibilities—encircled by an inky ring of certain death.


Seduction by the blue
glow— a ghostly hypnotic flicker

The wood encased box holds it's scared space in the domestic dwelling. To it's phosphorescent screen are blasted electronic waves that travel through space and time—exhibiting twinkling images of figures, symbols and signs—acting independently under a luminious vener of a mythical masks. The result: an eerie caricature of human folly.


Beaten and peaceful visions of an aftermath

While living in the city and studying painting at the San Francisco Art Institute, the artist fell under the spell of the Bay Area Figurative Movement. A series of paintings emerged informed by the unique rolling architecture and crisp ocean air of San Francisco. This series, takes as its subject, the iconic Victoriran row houses and time-worn shops as desolote, devoid of human life…existing in a poetic, decaying, scraped, scarred—hollowed out dream stage. Just as the artist encountered it while walking the midnight streets of his Nob Hill neigborhood.