Trouble In Utopia

Radiant hope…haunted horizons

A towering shadow both menacing and terrible, mesmerizingly, seductive and dream-like hangs like a shroud over the fragrance of freshly cut lawns with neat, necktied men and smart pressed-cotton dressed women. Here we see figures and signs, punched into high intensity by passages of vibrant hues and sharply defined lines. A candy-colored utopia of fear and faith in a world of limitless possibilities—encircled by an inky ring of certain death.

The Night We Called It A Day | Digital Ink


No Mans Land | Digital Ink

Sunken Treasure | Digital Ink


Watchers Of The Living | Digital Ink

Stormy Weather | Digital Ink


Since I Fell For You | Digital Ink

Solitude | Digital Ink


Lonely Town | Digital Ink

The Missing Day | Digital Ink


The Only Thing | Digital Ink

It’s Magic | Digital Ink


Tomorrow's World | Digital Ink

All Your Secrets | Digital Ink


Dream Talk | Digital Ink

Figure In The Moonlight | Digital Ink


If It’s True | Digital Ink

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